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Your support enables the continuous delivery of high-priority transport to Ukraine. According to officers and soldiers on the front line, each car we send helps to save up to a hundred lives.

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Transparency and efficiency

The main reasons others trust are in the easy-to-follow process we’ve designed for finding, preparing and delivering cars exactly where they are needed - front lines of defence or ambulances throughout devastated Ukrainian cities. Over 1600 cars to date (as of 2023-08-25), with more than 400 experienced drivers ready to go from anywhere in Europe, and a trusted network of partners inside Ukraine and where we maintain direct communication with Territorial Defence and the Ukrainian army.


1. Get the right car

We receive a car as a donation or cash and buy a vehicle.


2. Get the car ready

One of our partner shops inspects, services and if necessary, repairs the vehicle.


3. Trarck delivery

Every week, our convoy brings 10-24 cars to Ukraines. You get an NFT to track that.

About us

What we’ve done is

contributed and delivered the first several cars ourselves as a small team of activists. The willingness to help and appreciation that we experienced both in Latvia and Ukraine was incredible…


Now we are a movement

Agendum has united people from Nordics who are willing and able to help Ukraine. For example from February till May, Latvia (a nation of 1.6M people) has raised more than €2M in cars and cash. As a result, more than 900 vehicles have been delivered to Ukraine.

What is needed

Russian forces continue to advance in the Eastern part of Ukraine by throwing more technology and manpower. At the same time, the help from the EU and US governments is arriving later than needed or stalling. More and more of the cars we bring are being destroyed, but before that happens, each one of the cars helps to save between 10-100 lives. We don’t make this stuff up. It’s what officers and soldiers are telling us.

Now, more than ever, it’s vital (literary) to keep the support coming to the defender of Ukraine. We are committed to this cause, and we are asking you to help!

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Help to save lives

Donate to sponsor a specific vehicle. We already have and continue to purchase and ship cars to Ukraine every week. You support goes to specific convoy and covers costs of a vehicles, repairs and fuel. All drivers are volunteers and do not receive any remuneration.

Make your mark in history

Stay informed

If you opt-in, you will receive exact information about the vehicle, its journey, and when possible its story inside Ukraine. This will come with a unique token of appreciation for your support. This token actually is an NFT that will remain forever yours. Just note that we are doing this to a) thank supporters of Ukraine and b) provide transparency. Please do not confuse this with NFTs that people use to speculate and profit from. If they become valuable collectables one day, so be it. Right now, we are simply using technology (i.e. blockchain) for good.

Track progress

Support current convoy!

Each vehicle costs between €3000-6000, and 100% of the funds donated go towards purchase, repairs and fuel needed to get cars to Ukraine. The goal is to enable Ukranians to maintain defence capability and mobility to evacuate wounded.

Cars need to buy this week - 25
Cars bought this week - 18
Individuals & companies who are contributing

Our friends & partners

Technology Partner

Lingon Certificates |

Technology Partner

ChromaWay |

Professional racing mechanics responsible for cars service and repairs.

Vāģi Racing |

Largest donation portal in Latvia helping to collects donations. |

Delivery partner for vehicle distribution in Ukraine.

Cars For Army |

Delivery partner for vehicle distribution in Ukraine.


Ukranian country-wide charity foundation supporting soldiers and their families.


Delivery of spikes for use of checkpoints created by Metark and related initiatives.

Metark |

Delivery of camouflage nets created by Elizas initiative to Ukraine

Initiative '#Elizas' |

Food producer who donated a large number of canned fish.

Kaija |

Supply refurbished fire extinguishers for the vehicles.

FN Serviss |

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